Pinturas JAFEP

Quality & Enviroment

Through continuous quality control measures both in our products and production process we are able to meet and comply with the standards set by national and international organisms. Therefore, the environmental impact of our products and production processes is more and more respectful to nature. We are proud to say that we are holders of the ISO 9001:2000 the ISO 14001:2004 the AENOR and IQNet registered company certificates together with the AENOR and IQNet enviroment management certification. Our Quality & environmental impact control systems are integrated with our prevention of labour accidents programme.

The concession of the certificate, as a company registered in AENOR with conformity to the established normative UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2000, ensures that JAFEP have an implemented and existing Quality Control Management System which guarantees a continuous quality control on all aspects concerning the production process and finished products and comply with the set normative, regulations and quality demanded by international standards. AENOR environmental management system enables the organisation to demonstrate an implemented working and efficient environmental management system which, in turn, enhances the interest and effort to protect the natural enviroment. AENOR (Spanish association of standardization and certification ) member of the international organisation for standardization is also a member partner of The international network for assessment and certification of quality control systems (IQNet). For this reason both AENOR certificates and IQNet certificates are recognised as equals.

We comply with the Spanish packaging material and packaging material residues law implemented 11/1997 April 24 . We have the Green Point certification. Reg. Nº 000372, that corresponds to ECOEMBALAJES ESPAÑA (ECOEMBES).

In 1989 we were awarded the “Master Internacional de Empresas” for our company image, prestige and growth rate. In 2007 we were awarded the “Premio San Juan” for our efforts and investment in Quality and the natural enviroment.

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