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Alkydic enamel, containing micaceous iron oxide pigment of varying granulometry, which gives a protective while at the same time decorative finish to any iron surface.


Paintbrush, brush, roller. In spray form using appropriate nozzles.
Metallic enamel, "forged" effect, protective and decorative, easy to apply, good elasticity and exterior durability. Suitable for: railings, lamp posts, banisters, chairs, tables, etc.

Modo de empleo:

Remove the content of the container correctly, diluting it as appropriate according to applications. The surfaces should be clean and dry, and primed where necessary.
If the surface is new, an anti-corrosive primer should be applied to maximise protection.
On surfaces that are already painted, also sand right down previous coats of paint.

Características técnicas:

Naturaleza Alkydic
Peso específico 1.60 gr./cm3
Rendimiento 8 - 12 m2/depending on surface
Diluyente Turpentine or Jafep synthetic solvent
Secado 2 - 3 hours