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Exterior-Interior Plastic Putty


Plastic paste putty, ready to use. Easy to apply and very easy to sand. Perfect finish, very good adhesion and quick drying.


Repair and fine laying outdoors and indoors. On masonry and wood work. Covers cracks, fissures and knots. Practical (actual) performance will depend on film thickness, nature of substrate and application method.

Modo de empleo:

Ready to use. No preparation required. It is advisable to remove dust and sanitize the surface to be treated. If the background is loose or poorly consolidated, it is advisable to apply a very diluted fixative. Before painting, let it dry completely.

Características técnicas:

Color White
Aspecto Matt
Naturaleza Acrylic copolymers
Rendimiento Varies according to thickness
Diluyente Water
Secado 1-3 hours minimum