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Ox Anti-Corrosive Alkyd Enamel “Martelé”


Alkyd enamel with antioxidant properties with a “hammered” or hammered finish that provides effective protection while decorating and hiding imperfections on any iron surface.


It can be applied on any iron surface. This product is not recommended for exterior horizontal surfaces without adequate water evacuation since if stagnant water remains, hydrolysis (whitish stains) may occur.


*IMPORTANT: The silicones contained in this product are incompatible with most other paints (e.g. appearance of craters on the surface). The application and cleaning of utensils should be carried out with the greatest possible isolation.

Modo de empleo:

Correctly stir the contents in the container, diluting appropriately according to applications.

Surfaces will be clean, dry and primed when necessary.

If the surface is new, it is advisable to apply an antioxidant primer to complete the protection.

On already painted surfaces, we will also sand until the previous paint is nuanced.

The shape of the hammering depends on several factors such as the amount of dilution made and the pressure and flow rate of the gun.

Características técnicas:

Color Silver Grey, Grey, Copper and Dark Green
Aspecto Gloss Martelé (Hammered effect)
Naturaleza Alkyd
Herramienta Spray Gun or Airless
Rendimiento 10-12 m²/L/Coat
Diluyente Jafep White Spirit
Repintado 24 hours
Secado 1 hour