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Universal stripper which removes all types of old paints, enamels and varnishes quickly, easily and effectively, without drips due to its gelatinous nature.


For removing a large range of paints, enamels and varnishes such as synthetic, cellulose, oil, emulsion, epoxy, etc. that have been applied to metal and/or wooden surfaces. On painted plastics a test should be carried out prior to application as it may dissolve. It can also remove petrous paints.
Do not apply to rubber, Plexiglas, linoleum, asphalt or most plastics.
Very effective for cleaning brushes and rollers not made of rubber or nylon.

Modo de empleo:

Apply a generous and uniform coat using a natural bristle brush. Leave it to act on the old paint or varnish for the necessary amount of time until the film softens (5 to 20 minutes), dissolves or blisters, removing it quickly and easily with a scraper, metal brush or esparto brush, wire wool, etc.
Layers that are excessively dry or thick may require a second application, once the residue from the first coat has been removed.
Once the old gel/paint has been removed, clean the surface using water and detergent, or even better with neat turpentine, turpentine substitute, benzine or alcohol. This cleaning process is essential in order for the new coats of paint to be applied to adhere perfectly.
Leave the surface to dry and it is now ready to paint or varnish.

Características técnicas:

Color Reddish
Aspecto Gel
Naturaleza Cellulose type gel.
Peso específico 1.20 + 0.05 gr./cm3
Rendimiento 4 to 7 m2/litre and coat