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Rugosil PRE


Rough textured stone coating manufactured with emulsion resins and high resistance and light fastness pigments, which provides an elastic and waterproof finish but also resistant to adverse weather conditions. Having a good filling power which conceals plaster defects and an excellent rough textured finish of great whiteness. Easy to apply. This product contains preservative additives for film protection.It is specially formulated to be intermediate coat for finishes with elastomeric coatings.


Rough textured stone coating suitable for protecting façades, interior patios etc. It is ideal when it is subsequently desired to complete the protection of the substrate with any type of elastic or elastomeric coating such as our products of the Telacril product range. The studied granulometry of its components covers surface defects, small cracks, pores, etc.

Modo de empleo:

It can be applied using a brush, roller or hopper spray gun and tyrolean spray gun. Surfaces must be clean, dry, free from rust, saltpetre, damp etc. If the surface is new, it must be primed with a coat of paint diluted with 10 - 15 % water, followed by another coat as required to obtain the desired effect. If the surface is old, already painted, that surface paint which is in poor condition must be scraped off and thoroughly cleaned in its entirety.