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Two Components New polyurethane paint (Kit)


Paint specially designed for concrete and cement floors, pavements and walls, consisting of two components based on hydroxylated acrylic resins and cured by aliphatic isocyanate. The result is a smooth film, with great resistance to impacts, good adhesion and high hardness.  High resistance to products common chemicals. Under the recommended application conditions the surfaces are perfectly waterproofed. It is therefore a recommended product for painting storage surfaces of chemical products that could cause soil contamination through leaks or spills.


Especially suitable for cement and concrete floors. Air-dried and provides excellent resistance to good number of chemicals, greases, solvents, gasoline, etc. The practical performance (actual) will depend on the thickness of the film, the nature of the substrate and the method of application.

Modo de empleo:

Mix the components in a 5: 1 ratio by pouring the entire content of component B over component A.

Apply within 20 hours. The diluent will be in all cases Jafep Polyurethane Solvent.

By brush: Due to its rapid drying, only small surfaces will be applied by this method. It can be diluted up to 5% with Jafep Polyurethane Solvent to facilitate its application.

By roller: it must be diluted with 5-10% with Jafep Polyurethane Solvent.

A Spray: Dilute it with 10-15% with Jafep Polyurethane Solvent depending on the pressure and the diameter of the nozzle.

If the complete containers are not used, the quantities will be weighed in a ratio of 5: 1.

New floor: Allow at least 30 days to elapse before being painted. It must be free of moisture. The surface must be porous and the setting lime must be removed. For this, a surface roughing must be carried out using for this a milling or shot blasting machine in order for the product to better penetrate the surface. It must be clean of dust, grease and oil. Mechanical dust aspiration is recommended. Failing that,

If it has pore, the floor is cleaned by using salfumán (hydrochloric acid) diluted 5-10% and leaving 10-15 minutes. Next, rinse with plenty of water to a neutral pH. Wait 24-48 hours and measure the humidity of the substrate. Before proceeding to paint the floor we must make sure that the humidity of the substrate is less than 20%. Once the surface is prepared, a first coat will be applied, diluted to 20%, which will serve as surface sealer. Successive coats will be applied with a recoating interval between 8 - 48 hours.

Painted floor: It is advisable to remove old paintings, especially if they are in poor condition, by means of a shot blasting or mechanical stripping, proceeding as if it were a new floor.

If it is in good condition, it should be thoroughly sanded and even a compatibility test performed. In any case, once the surface is prepared, paint and catalyst are mixed in the ratio 5: 1 by weight diluting sufficiently for the first coat with Jafep Polyurethane Solvent. It is  recommended to give the second coat after 6-8 hours.

Remember that the prepared paint has a use time of approximately 6 hours.

Very important!!! Apply only when the atmospheric relative humidity is less than 80% and the residual humidity of support does not exceed 20%. The ambient temperature must be higher than 10ºC.

The temperature of the surface to be painted must be higher than the dew point (no condensation). The The area to be painted must be sufficiently ventilated or it will be forced to ventilate during application and drying.

If needed, a Jafep Commercial Agent can be in person at the application site to measure the humidity of the support with the help of a hygrometer (claims on the application will not be accepted without this measurement made by us).


Características técnicas:

Color White, Chrome Green, Rust Red and on demand
Aspecto Gloss & Satin
Naturaleza Hydroxylated Acrylic
Peso específico 1.2 g/cm³ (depending color)
Herramienta Brush, roller, spray gun (with appropriate nozzles) or airless
Espesor mínimo 50-60 dry microns
Rendimiento 8-10 m² / L or 6-8 m² / Kg (50-60 microns)
Diluyente JAFEP Polyurethane Solvent
Secado 6-8 hours