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Water-based Multipurpose


Anti-oxidant water-based protector and sealant for metal supports, plastics, wood, PVC, plasters, etc.

Based on special acrylic resins and anticorrosive pigments capable of offering adequate protection with easy application, quick drying and repaintable with most finishing paints.


Ideal for metal, plaster, wood surfaces, etc.

Modo de empleo:

Stir the contents of the container well. Product for use does not need to be diluted or diluted minimally.

Surfaces must be degreased, deoxidized, clean and dry and thin coats will be applied with minimal dilution.

If the surface is already rusty or painted in poor condition, it will be sanded and the rust or paint will be completely removed before proceeding with the application.

In case of remaining rust, apply 1 layer of Jafep Rust Neutralizer and then apply the undiluted layer of Multipurpose

Características técnicas:

Color White & Grey
Aspecto Matt
Naturaleza Acrylic copolymers
Peso específico 1,35 g/cm³
Herramienta Brush, roller, spray gun or airless
Rendimiento 8-10 m²/L/Coat
Diluyente Thinner for water-based paints and enamels
Repintado 12 hours
Secado 1 hour