Pinturas JAFEP


The company was founded back in 1965 and has always been registered under the JAFEP name.
JAFEP started by producing bleach and lime based paints on a premises that was, then only five hundred square metres.
Over the years JAFEP has had different juridical nominations however, since 1980 it has been a Limited Society company known as S.L. so now the complete company name is “Productos JAFEP, S.L.”
Productos JAFEP,S.L (Commonly known as“Pinturas jafep”) is a leader in the production of paints for both interior and exterior decoration. The Registered Capital owns to a Spanish family group. Since the very beginning, the company strategy has always been innovation, quality and customer service.

The main offices and facilities are located in La Roda (Albacete) We have a complete national distribution network throughout Spain. Our products are distributed through, both, our initial distribution net-work and our, more recent, own shops. Our shops are strategically placed in the most important Spanish cities and, therefore offer us enormous strength and market potential.


Years 60

After a rapid expansion in Spain we started to focus on the international market of which we now have an important foothold. Our exported products represent a significant part of our sales volume. We export to several countries worldwide and have made business investments in The East of Europe and North Africa.

Over the last years the evolution of business operations has undergone an enormous increase. Due to the company’s growth and sales volume we are considered to be in the category of a big company. The 500 square metre premises of 1965 have increased to 40.000 square metres and now boast the most modern technologies. Good modern technology is important but so is qualified skilled staff. One of the founder members and now the present owner, D. Francisco Cantos Garcia, believes that his effort to make the company a success is also thanks to an eager team of experts and professionals.

March 2007

More than forty-year’s hard work has resulted in the company’s consolidation as an indisputable leader in its field. Through the search and acquisition of the best quality raw material, quality control & process, and the latest technology JAFEP have been able to build up a wide range of products that offer numerous uses and applications. However, they all have one thing in common. The best possible quality that the situation demands.