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2C Epoxy Water Based Primer Concentrated Multi-adherent and Multi-finish


Two-component transparent epoxy primer formulated with water-based epoxy resins. It can be applied to a wide variety of supports and acts as a bridge with a wide variety of finishes, especially recommended as an anchoring and reinforcing layer for concrete surfaces. Product used for the protection of cement and concrete pavements when a transparent finish is required as a primer and finish coat. Suitable for industrial and decorative areas, providing good mechanical resistance.


Its main application is on concrete pavements, cements and other common materials, acting as an anchoring layer and finishing layer. It can also be applied to a large number of substrates such as wood, metal, tiles and low porosity materials. In low porosity materials it is recommended to carry out a prior anchorage test.

It is widely used in the following industries:

- Pharmaceutical and medical laboratories

- Production centers in the agri-food industry

- Factories in the Automotive Industry

- Aircraft hangars and maintenance areas

- Warehouses, for facilities with medium intensity and frequency of traffic

After its application as an anchoring layer, a large number of products can be applied as a finish, including Acrimar Water-Based Enamel, Plastic Paints, Water-based Floor Paint in general and even Solvent-based Enamel or New 2C Polyurethane Paint. However, the recommended finish is 2C Waterborne Epoxy Paint.

Modo de empleo:

For its use, the two components must be mixed in a 3:1 by weight (2.5:1 by volume) ratio, preferably mechanically, otherwise a perfect homogenization of the mixture will not be ensured. To achieve this proportion, the entire content of component B must be poured over component A. Once both components are mixed correctly, a 30% dilution with water must be carried out. It is necessary to respect the useful time of use of the mixture (2 hours), since after that period the paint is unusable, appreciating a significant increase in viscosity.

It is not recommended to divide the products to perform partial mixes, since an inadequate mix ratio can affect the final properties of the product.

Repainting must be done between 24 and 72 hours, maximum 7 days.

  • New Floor: Allow at least 30 days to elapse before being painted. It must be free of moisture. The surface must be porous. Otherwise, a superficial roughing should be carried out using a milling or shot-blasting machine in order for the product to better penetrate the surface. It must be free of dust, grease and oil. Mechanical dust extraction is recommended.
  • Painted Floor: It is advisable to remove old paint by blasting or mechanical stripping, then proceeding as if it were a new floor.
  • Other Surfaces: surfaces must be degreased, deoxidized, clean and dry and thin coats (40 microns) will be applied.

Características técnicas:

Aspecto Transparent
Naturaleza Water Epoxy Primer
Peso específico 1.2kg/L
Herramienta Brush, Roller, Spray Gun-Airless
Espesor mínimo 40 micron dry film per coat
Rendimiento 8-10 m²/liter or 10-12 m²/Kg at 40 dry microns per coat
Diluyente Water
Repintado 20ºC 60% RH: minimum 12 hours and maximum 7 days
Secado Touch dry 20ºC 60% RH: 4-6 h
Curado Cured at 20ºC 60% RH: People: 12 hours Light vehicles: 48 hours Heavy traffic: 7 days