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Covering to seal in damp in both interior and exterior walls and ceilings. It has good adhesion properties, forming a layer that stops damp from coming through.


Brush or roller.
Solvent based acrylic paint for interior and exterior application, in areas where there are problems with damp and saltpetre. It is not a finishing paint. Once dry it should be finished with a quality emulsion or enamel paint.

Modo de empleo:

Clean the affected area or the area that may be causing the problem thoroughly, scraping also if necessary. Then apply the anti-damp paint with a brush or roller, trying to ensure that the paint penetrates the treated surface.

Características técnicas:

Color White
Aspecto Matt
Naturaleza Acrylic resins
Peso específico 1.40 gr./cm3
Rendimiento 3 - 4 m2/kg.
Diluyente JAFEP Universal Solvent or Chlorinated Rubber Acrylics
Secado approximately 1 hour