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Anticaloric Enamel Spray


Silicone enamel for protection of metallic elements at temperatures of up to 600 ºC. Specially developed for painting stoves, barbecues, fireplaces, radiators, boilers, etc.


The Anticaloric Enamel Spray is suitable for painting, decorating and / or repairing metallic surfaces (iron, aluminum, steel, etc.), where they need to resist high temperatures, up to 600ºC. It can be applied both indoors and outdoors.

Modo de empleo:

Preliminary considerations

  • Surfaces must be clean and dry, free of rust, dust, grease, salt, humidity, etc. The parts to be painted must be degreased or sanded so that they are completely clean.
  • Shake the spray for about a minute. Vaporize two coats at a distance of about 30 cm and crosswise.
  • Once applied, temper the item that has been treated to about 200ºC and allow to cool. After this, the article can be used in the usual way.

* Avoid during spraying elements that can produce sparks. Flammable.

Características técnicas:

Color Black
Naturaleza Silicone enamel
Repintado 4 hours
Secado 15 min