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BS Acrylic Enamel direct to Galvanized and other Metals


Solvent-based acrylic enamel, glossy pigmented, with very good adhesion on all types of metals and excellent on single-hand galvanized iron. It has good resistance to light, weather and corrosion. High hardness and good flexibility.


Especially recommended for painting galvanized sheet metal, but with very good results on aluminium, copper, iron, galvanized sheet metal, etc.

Modo de empleo:

Direct application product without prior dilution in general, although when applying by spray or "airless", which is the most recommended process, we must adjust the viscosity for a better application. The support to be painted must be free of dust, grease, rust, etc.

* Special roller: It has been verified that there are rollers on the market with which to apply our BS Acrylic Enamel, such as the “Velourex” roller. However, due to the characteristics of some acrylic resins, although we could apply the first coat well with a roller, it is almost impossible to apply the second, since the roller tends to stick to the first.

Características técnicas:

Color White, Black, Aluminum 9006, Red 3005, Green 6005, Blue 5017 and others on request.
Aspecto Gloss
Naturaleza Thermoplastic acrylic
Peso específico 1.00 - 1.15 gr./cm³
Herramienta Spray Gun - Airless
Rendimiento 8 - 10 m2/litre
Diluyente White Spirit Jafep Solvant
Repintado 24 hrs
Secado 30 minutes