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Crackled Decoration


Two water-based component system, consisting of a specific varnish and a finish paint, which give a traditional old crackled finish with an easy application.


Varnish: brush or roller
Paint: Preferably with brush
It is applied on all kind of surfaces that are smooth and clean, painted previously with Fondo Mate (Matt Undercoat).

Modo de empleo:

Ready to use product.
Apply the varnish evenly on all the surface.
Allow to dry for 24 hours. Apply the paint on the varnish surface, in just one thick coat and without recoating.
The effect will appears immediately.

Características técnicas:

Color Clear varnish White Paint with possibility to colour
Naturaleza Special emulsion varnish Paint: Acrylic
Rendimiento Varnish: 5-6 m2 / kg. Paint: 10-12 m2 / kg.
Secado Varnish 24 hour Paint: 1 hours approx.