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High quality primer, highly anti-corrosive for protecting iron surfaces.


Brush, roller or spray (adjusting density).
It acts by protecting interior and particularly exterior iron surfaces exposed to all types of

Modo de empleo:

The surfaces should be degreased, with the rust removed, and clean and dry.
At least two thin coats should be applied leaving at least 24 hours between coats.
For a regular protective finish apply a quality Jafep synthetic enamel type paint.

Características técnicas:

Color Standard orange
Aspecto Satin
Naturaleza Alkydic resins.
Peso específico 1.60 gr./cm3
Rendimiento 5 - 6 m2/kg.
Diluyente Synthetic solvent or turpentine
Repintado 24-48 hours
Secado 4 hours (approximately)