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Urethane Lacquer Enamel


High performance lacquer enamel with polyurethane and anticorrosive additives with which to obtain satin finishes of great fineness, soft touch, lacquered appearance and excellent protection of ferrous surfaces. It is resistant to friction, scratches and chemical agents typical of household cleaners.


In exterior and interior. As protection of wood, metal and other surfaces treated properly.

Modo de empleo:

GENERAL RULES: Product practically ready to use. It can be thinly diluted to improve the brochability. Stir the contents of the container well. Surfaces must be clean, free of rust, grease, dust, etc. If it is already painted, check that it is in good condition and correctly adhered. It can be applied with a brush of fine hair, roller or gun and always in thin layers and respecting the time of repainting. The temperature of application, humidity, thickness and type of support have associated changes in the drying time and the theoretical yield. In general, do not paint below 5ºC, with relative humidity above 80%, excessive sun, strong wind or risk of rain. In any case, you must apply 2 hands indoors and even 3 hands outside.


Iron or steel: Apply first Imprimación Antioxidante Jafep.

Wood: Sand and apply Selladora Sintética or Multiusos Jafep.


Iron and steel: If it is in good condition, give a superficial cleaning and proceed as an unpainted surface. Otherwise, the paint should be removed, for example with Quitapinturas Gel Jafep and proceed to normal painting as if it were an unpainted surface.

Wood: If it is in good condition, a previous sanding is recommended. Otherwise, its total elimination is better, and proceed as on unprepared surfaces.

Características técnicas:

Color White, black and color chart
Aspecto Satin
Naturaleza Urethane alkyd resins.
Peso específico 1,10 - 1,14 Kg/L (depending on color)
Rendimiento 12 -14 m2 /L for a 40 -50 microns layer
Diluyente Disolvente Sintético Jafep
Repintado 24 h
Secado 4 - 6 hours