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Glossy Alkyd Enamel


It is a high-gloss alkyd enamel with great covering power, formulated with special alkyd resins and pigments of proven resistance and stability to light, which provides top-quality finishing levels.

It is a product with the "high solids" technique, so it is recommended to apply thin layers and respect the drying and repainting times in order to obtain the best and maximum benefits.


It is a high-quality glossy synthetic enamel that meets the needs of professionals and individuals, being very suitable for decorating and protecting surfaces made of iron, steel, wood, plaster, etc., such as: doors, chairs, tables, windows, radiators, gates, metal structures, machinery, boats, etc.

Practical (actual) coverage will depend on film thickness, nature of the substrate and method of application.

Modo de empleo:

Stir the contents of the container well. Apply by brush and roller at original viscosity. If applied by spray gun, adjust the viscosity with suitable thinners.

The surfaces must be clean and dry, free of rust, dust, grease, saltpeter, moisture, etc. Surfaces containing old paint must be scratched and cleaned in its entirety to ensure adherence to them.

When applying on wood and plaster, the surface must be previously prepared with Synthetic Sealer or our Multipurpose water-based. On iron and steel, the surface must be previously protected with Antioxidant Primer or Electrolytic Lead Minium. On galvanized steel and alloys, perform a suitable pretreatment.

As it is a high-solids product indoors, a single coat of Enamel may suffice.

Outside it is convenient to finish with 2 or 3 hands.

WARNING: Alkyd products may yellow slightly in the dark or on supports that reach high temperatures.

Características técnicas:

Color Jafep Enamels color chart and NCS, RAL charts, etc. of its tinting systems
Aspecto Gloss
Naturaleza Alkyd resins
Peso específico between 0,95gr./ cm³ and 1,25 gr./cm³ depending on colour.
Herramienta Brush, roller, spray or airless
Espesor mínimo 45-50 microns dry
Rendimiento 12 - 14 m²/L/layer
Repintado 24 hours
Secado 6 hours