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Special paint for floors, based on thermoplastic acrylic resins in solvent phase, with just one
component and a satin finish.


Brush, wool roller and spray gun (adjusting density).
Paint especially suitable for floors made from cement, concrete, etc. It acts by cohesion and by strengthening the resistance of the road surface, and as a result its use is recommended for factory premises, car parks, warehouses, sports ground surfaces, etc. It is also ideal for use as a road marking paint. Its characteristics include: shock and water resistant, resistant to atmospheric alkalis and acids, abrasion and repaintable; Application to damp surfaces.

Modo de empleo:

Applying to new surfaces: Leave for 25-30 days before painting; the surfaces must be porous, otherwise you must smooth down the surface. If there are dry particles that have not adhered properly it must be cleaned with dilute chlorohydric acid, rinsing and drying it. The bases must be free from grease, oil and dust.
If the surfaces are already painted: The existing paintwork must be completely removed.
Once the surface is prepared apply the paint, diluting it by up to 25% for the first coat and then by 5-10% for the second coat using the recommended diluent.

Características técnicas:

Color White, grey, red (parking); Green, yellow and red (marking)
Aspecto Satin
Naturaleza Thermoplastic acrylic
Rendimiento 4 - 5 m2/kg.
Diluyente JAFEP Universal Solvent or Chlorinated Rubber Solvent
Repintado 12 hrs
Secado 30 minutes (touch dry)