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GHARNATA. Roller Stucco


Decorative coating for interior use, to apply on walls and ceilings of plaster, gypsum
and similars, obtaining stucco finishing, inspired by the technique of the “Tadelaket”


Roller, Plastic triangle trowel and stainless steel trowel.
On plaster, gypsum, etc. bases that are clean, dry and free from dust and grease.

Modo de empleo:

Different tonalities are obtained by adding our “Tinturas” colourant to the producto.
Easy Application:
The surface must be even, if not, plaster to create a smooth finish with very little absorption. Prime thoroughly using a product such as the Fondo Mate, diluted and coloured using the required shade for the plaster.
Stir vigorously before spreading the product. Apply a thin coat of the product using a roller.
Achieve the final pattern with long and crossed brush strokes with a plastic triangle.
Leave to dry at least 6 hours.
To get the characteristic shiny finish rub and polish using a trowel, and a sanding sheet.
If desired, a protective wax called Ceramul can be applied that protects, improves the resistance to the rubbing and the abrasion and extends the brightness.

Características técnicas:

Color White / Neutral
Aspecto Gloss (alter polishing it)
Naturaleza Acrylic Copolimers
Peso específico 1.60 gr./cm3
Rendimiento 2 - 3 m2/Kg.
Secado 6 - 8 hours