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Colourless transparent lacquer made from alkydic resins combined with nitrocellulose resins laminated with a good balance of elasticity, adhesion and durability.


Essentially by brush.
For protecting and decorating interior wooden surfaces, doors, windows, railings, etc.

Modo de empleo:

New wood: Clean, sand and remove dust. Apply a first coat of cellulose base, which once completely dry should be sanded as required.
Varnished or polished woods: It should be cleaned and sanded if in good condition. If in poor condition all of the existing varnish should be removed. A test to check the compatibility with previous coats should be performed.
Clean utensils with nitrocellulose solvents.

Características técnicas:

Color Colourless
Aspecto Semi-matt
Naturaleza Alkydic combined with nitrocellulose
Peso específico 1.0 gr./ cm3 approximately
Diluyente Nitrocellulose solvent
Repintado 24-48 hours
Secado Touch-dry in approximately 1 hours