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Water repellent for exterior faces of concrete, bricks, stone, etc. It does not form a film and maintains porosity. It is water repellent. The appearance of the face does not change, remaining totally invisible when drying.


Brush, roller or spray.
For making external faces water repellent with the aim of stopping water penetration, but maintaining the unique characteristics of each material and delaying the time it takes to become dirty again.

Modo de empleo:

Use the product neat without diluting, attempting to completely soak the entire surface to be treated.
(1 - 2 m2/litre).
If the surfaces are new: remove dust and loose materials. If it is a concrete surface it will be
completely set and free from blooms.
On old surfaces: Remove dirt, dust, loose materials, etc. and if abrasive materials are used, wash and dry.
Do not apply on top of paints.

Características técnicas:

Color Transparent.
Naturaleza Siloxanes diluted in hydrocarbons
Peso específico 0.80 gr./cm3 (approximately).
Rendimiento Very variable depending on the base.
Repintado At least 24 hours.
Secado 20 - 30 mins.