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Synthetic varnish for exteriors, which provides excellent protection for wood. It has good levels of adherence and penetration, and is excellent for brush application. It has a transparent finish.


Brush or spray (adjusting density).
Varnish for all types of wood: doors, windows, furniture, etc. with a resistant, quality finish.

Modo de empleo:

- NEW WOOD: Clean, sand it down and remove dust. Apply a first coat diluted by 1:10 and sand again. Apply one or more layers undiluted as a finishing coat.
- VARNISHED WOOD: Sand until smooth and clean. Apply one or two coats undiluted. If it is in poor condition, the existing varnish should be removed and proceed as per the instructions for new wood.
- Clean utensils with Jafep synthetic solvent or turpentine.

Características técnicas:

Color Practically colourless
Aspecto Gloss and satin
Naturaleza Modified alkydic resins
Peso específico 1 gr./cm3
Rendimiento 10 - 14 m2/litre and coat (depending on finish)
Diluyente Jafep Synthetic Solvent
Secado 4-6 hours approximately