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Water-based emulsion paint for interior use, washable and very easy to apply in only one coat. It produces a gold and silver filing effect on the decorated surface.


It is applied on all kind of surfaces that are clean, dry and free from dust and grease, painted previously with Fondo Mate (Matt Undercoat).

Modo de empleo:

1. Prime with Fondo Mate (Matt Undercoat) using a roller, a bush or a spray.
2. Using a brush, we leave a generous quantity of the product separated between 3 or 5
centimetres of distance, in a irregular way.
3. With the same tool, without adding more quantity, spread in a regular way and with straight stokes following the desired direction. There is no need to put pressure.
In general, we recommend:
- Do not apply at temperatures below 8 ºC.
-Do not expose the packaging to extreme temperatures