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Polished Plaster


Jafep Polished Plaster is a lime based powdered mineral decorative micro plaster mainly composed of lime and of selected marble grains and powders. It is the ‘Classical Marmorino or Travertino’, very elegant and resistant, used in past times. Thanks to its completely mineral composition, it is resistant to alkali attack and abrasion, is not subject to detachment or shrinking and forms a single body with the substrate.

Polished Plaster looks like a real sheet of marble, smooth and solid with its typical soft shades of colour. The use of lime as a binder gives maximum permeability to water vapour in walls. It can reject or absorb humidity according to environmental condition for it is a high transpiring product. It gives any building the warm and veiled hues typical of old plasters.


Painting and decoration of new or old plaster, gypsum, etc brickwork supports that are clean and smooth and previously painted with Fondo Mate (Matt Undercoat).

Modo de empleo:

After Matt Undercoat apply 1st layer of Polished Plaster media using stainless steel trowel spreading evenly over surface avoiding the formation of dribbling and slobbers. After about 12/24, apply the second coat following the same instruction as the first coat. Wait until the second coat is half dry and then using a stainless steel trowel polish the surface pressing hard against it. This operation is very important for the surface shine and hardness is the result of this mechanical sealing.

After the product has cured for a minimum of 1 day, a coat of Cera Wax is applied to make the surface more resistant, free from dirt retention and easy to maintain.

To do Travertine Design, follow same process but using a Scraper to rub the Polished Plaster and creates the desired effect.

Características técnicas:

Naturaleza Lime based
Imprimación Fondo Mate
Herramienta Paleta de acero inoxidable
Rendimiento 0,6 - 1 m2/Kg (will vary depending on thickness & type of finish required)
Diluyente Water
Secado 2 - 3 hours touch (12 - 15 horas total drying)