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High quality water-based emulsion paint, produced using acrylic emulsion resins.
With excellent whiteness, coverage and good performance. For perfect interior and exterior finishes.
Its outstanding characteristic is the minimum absorption. It has a wonderful washability and it can
easily clean difficult stains (wine, coffee, etc) using a wet cloth and with very few wipes. EasyClean
complies with all eco-friendly interior paints requirements, that's why it is being awarded the European


Brush, Roller or Spray (adjust viscosity).
On exterior new surfaces with cement, concrete, fibre cement, etc. and interior surfaces on plaster, prefabricated supports, wood and duly prepared metals support, i.e. Sealer on wood and agglomerate; Primer on iron, plaster and putties. Every support will be clean, dry and cured, free from grease and saltpetre. On new surfaces, apply directly, but thinning down at 10%. Prime previously if it is highly absorbent. Apply directly on painted surface in good conditions, but if not, paint must be removed and proceed like a new surface.
- Do not apply at temperatures below 5 ºC.
- Do not expose the packaging to extreme temperatures.

Modo de empleo:

Características técnicas:

Color White and colours upon request
Aspecto Matt
Naturaleza Acrylic copolymers
Peso específico 1,45 gr./cm 3
Rendimiento 10-14 m2/litro ( UNE- EN ISO 6504-1 : 2007 )
Diluyente Water
Repintado 6 - 8 hours
Secado 45 minutes