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NV Bicomponent Water-based Polyurethane Varnish (Kit)


The Bi-Component Water-based PU Varnish is a waterproof coating based on aliphatic polyurethanes with high resistance to washing and weathering (comp A) and an aliphatic isocyanate (comp B). It is especially indicated to be applied in microcement coatings.

It can be applied both indoors and outdoors, on walls, floors and ceilings.


Modo de empleo:

To ensure good adhesion, the surfaces must be free of dust or dirt. Surfaces in poor condition or with cracks must be repaired beforehand. If there are paints or varnishes, strip them beforehand or sand them thoroughly. Carry out an adhesion test on an invisible area before total refinishing.

It is essential that the supports are well sealed and without absorption before any application, so we will apply a layer of Sellacryl diluted in four parts of water as a sealing base, before the Polyurethane Varnish.

The components must be mixed in a ratio of 11.5 parts of component A (varnish) to 1 part of component B (hardener).

It is important to use mechanical agitation to mix the two components to avoid the appearance of craters or differences in gloss due to poor dispersion of the two components.

Apply a layer the thickness of a sheet of paper without spreading the product too much and making sure that no area remains uncovered.

Once the first coat is dry (8-12 hours), apply a second coat exactly like the first. In areas with higher humidity or where it can receive more water, it will be advisable to apply up to 3 layers.

The useful life of the mixture of the two components is 30-45 min in summer and 1 hour in winter, after this time an increase in the viscosity of the product can be noticed. Despite the fact that this increase in viscosity is not noticeable, the effectiveness of the hardener will have been lost, it may have decreased, so it is advisable to always spend the mixture in less than 1 hour.

The final drying time before use will be at least 72 hours. The minimum waiting time before you can receive water will be 1 week.

This product is supplied ready to use, dilution with water or solvent is not recommended, as it would lose its hardness and waterproof properties.

Apply with a brush, short-haired roller or airless on the previously cleaned surface. It is recommended to comb the surface to remove possible air bubbles, especially in very hot, dry or highly ventilated environments.

Características técnicas:

Color Colorless
Aspecto Liquid
Diluyente No. Ready to Use