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PETREX Mortero Acrílico ( Acrylic Mortar)


This is a stone coating type mortar, thick coat, especially developed for exterior and interior walls, based on all acrylic resins and pigments with high resistance and stability to light. It provides hard, elastic, waterproof, great coverage and filling. The granulometry of its extenders is prepared to get striped finish.
We have two finishes: Thick (arid to 2 mm)
Thin ( arid to 1 mm)


It is a stone coating suitable for exterior walls and wells, even with harsh weather. On interior walls for stair walls, offices, premises with high use, etc.

Modo de empleo:

Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from corrosion, dust, grease, saltpetre, damp, etc. If the surface is hard or it is already pained, scraped and clean totally. Apply a first coat of Pétrex Liso (Smooth Pétrex) thinning down to 20-25% with water, and a second coat ready to use to get the desired rough effect, using the suitable trowel. In some cases, use primers such as Sellacryl (clear primer) or Sellaprim Exterior (Exterior white primer).
Do not apply at temperatures below 5º C.

Características técnicas:

Color Depending on colour chart
Aspecto Matt Filler
Rendimiento Thin 0.5 m2/ Kg. (It is required from 1.8 tp 2 kg for 1 m2 os standard surface) Thick 0.4 m2 / Kg. ( it is required from 2 to 2.5 Kg for 1 m2 of standard surface)
Diluyente Water
Repintado From 6 hours
Secado 60 minutes approximately