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Distempers produced from different types of calcium carbonates and sulphates of very fine
granulometry and extraordinary whiteness, mixed with different glues, which gives it a dry film that has great fixing power, durability and resistance to dry friction.


PLAIN: To be applied using a brush, roller or spray; STIPPLED: To be applied with a
stippling roller, also being able to make stripes, cross-hatching,etc. GOTELÉ: To be applied with a spray gun and compressor.
It is recommended for interior ceilings and walls, on all types of materials, both new and old, where a cost-effective solution is required.

Modo de empleo:

Dilute with water only in the proportions appropriate for each particular task.

Características técnicas:

Peso específico PLAIN: 1.60 gr./cm3; STIPPLED: 1.70 gr./cm3; GOTELÉ: 1.70 gr./cm3
Rendimiento PLAIN: 3 - 4 m2/ kg.; STIPPLED: 2 - 3 m2/ kg.; GOTELÉ: 1 - 1.5 m2/ kg.
Secado PLAIN: 6 -7 hours STIPPLED: 4 -5 hours GOTELÉ: 6 -7 hours