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Matt covering formulated using acrylic copolymers, pigments and gums, with a high level of resistance and fastness; with good resistance to the weather, to saltpetre and to abrasion, which gives it excellent results outdoors in moderately aggressive atmospheric environments.


Brush, roller, spray gun.
For decorating and protecting exteriors, façades, yards, exterior walls, etc.

Modo de empleo:

- On new surfaces that are clean, dry and free from rust, grease or saltpetre, if they are made of concrete or cement, apply directly, diluting by up to 20% for the first coat. If the surfaces are made of plaster, gypsum, etc. they must be sealed prior to application.
- On old painted surfaces in good condition, wash, sand to a smooth finish and then apply. If they are in poor condition, remove and proceed as per the instructions for new surfaces.

Características técnicas:

Color White and others to order
Aspecto Silk matt
Naturaleza Acrylic copolymers
Peso específico 1.60 gr./cm3
Rendimiento 4 - 6 m2/kg.
Diluyente Water
Repintado After 4 hours.
Secado 30 minutes