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Protective Wood Undercoat


Colorless water-based preparation for use with both solvent-based and water-based painting systems. It acts deeply on the wood, nourishing it, priming it for subsequent painting and protecting it against insects and parasites, and against destructive fungi and blueing.


Jafep Protective undercoat for wood is intended for the treatment of exterior wood such as windows, exterior doors, siding, fences, etc. Direct contact with the soil and aquatic environment should be avoided.

Modo de empleo:

The application must always be for exterior, both Jafep Protective wood undercoat  and its subsequent finishing layer (Only for Class 2 and 3 uses according to DS/EN335:2013).

Clean, sand and remove dust. In the case of painted wood, strip it completely. Apply with a brush or roller. Apply without diluting and after 24 hours of application, always finish with a finishing product (varnish, lasur, etc.).

A dosage of 200 ml product/m2 is recommended, without exceeding it.

To clean the tools, use mild soap and water.

Características técnicas:

Color Colorless
Aspecto Liquid
Naturaleza Biocide
Peso específico 0.95-1.05g/cm³
Herramienta Brush, Roller
Repintado 24 hours
Secado 1-2 hours