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Quick Drying Industrial Alkyd Enamel


Industrial finishing enamel for metal structures, pipes, machinery, etc. Made with special modified alkyd resins and highly resistant pigments that provide high gloss, good coverage and quick drying, which allows the workability of the painted pieces.


Industrial finishing paint for metal structures, pipes, machinery, etc. Its quick drying allows the painted pieces to be handled.

Practical (actual) performance will depend on film thickness, nature of substrate and application method.

Modo de empleo:

It is mainly applied to spray guns, airless, etc.

Stir the contents of the container, dilute appropriately and apply preferably with a spray gun.

The surfaces must be clean, dry, degreased and free of rust; adequately protected with a synthetic alkyd primer if they are ferrous or with an adequate preparation if they are galvanized or alloys.

If it is a repaint in good condition, clean properly and then apply.

If it is in poor condition, remove it and proceed as a new surface.

Características técnicas:

Color White, Black and all the colors of our Industrial Tintometric System
Aspecto Gloss
Naturaleza Modified alkyd resins
Peso específico 1,00-1,20 gr/cm³ depending on colors
Rendimiento 8-10 m²/Kg ( 10-12 m² /L.)
Diluyente Jafep White Spirit
Repintado 24 hours
Secado 15 - 20 minutes