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Quick drying industrial enamel, produced using special modified alkydic resins and pigments that have a high resistance, which offer high quality finishes.


Essentially in spray, airless spray, etc.
Industrial paint finish for metal structures, pipes, machinery, etc. with high gloss finish, good coverage and quick drying, which enables the painted parts to be handled within a short space of time.

Modo de empleo:

Remove the content of the container, dilute as required and apply, preferably with a spray.
The surfaces should be clean, dry, degreased and with the rust removed; suitably protected with a primer or red lead if ferrous, or with a "WASH PRIMER" if dealing with galvanised metals or alloys.

Características técnicas:

Color Variable. Depending on sample chart or to order
Aspecto Gloss
Naturaleza Modified alkydic resins
Peso específico 1.00 - 1.20 gr./cm3 depending on colour
Rendimiento 8 - 10 m2/ Kg.
Diluyente JAFEP Universal Solvent
Repintado 24 hrs
Secado 15 - 20 minutes