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Solvent based matt acrylic paint especially developed for painting road markings. High resistance to wear, quick drying and is driveable after several hours.


Brush, roller or spray.
For painting horizontal lines such as zebra crossings, entrances, lanes, etc.
On concrete, asphalt, cement and stone surfaces.

Modo de empleo:

Remove the content of the container properly, diluting it by between 5% and 20% according to the method of application. Apply one or several coats of paint liberally in order to achieve sufficient thickness.
In general, surfaces should be free from dust, grease, wax and be totally dry. Concrete and cement should be completely set.
On previous coats of paint in good condition: wash, sand and paint.
If the paint is in poor condition: completely remove and proceed as per new surfaces.
It is important not to paint in high temperatures or if the surface is very hot as the rapid evaporation of the solvent may result in blistering and poor paint adhesion.

Características técnicas:

Color White, red and yellow
Aspecto Matt
Naturaleza Acrylic
Peso específico 1.60 + 0.05 gr./cm3
Rendimiento 5 - 6 m2/Kg./coat
Diluyente JAFEP Chlorinated Rubber Solvent
Repintado 2-3 hours
Secado 20 - 30 minutes