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Rough coating, matt and decorative finish, anti fracture and waterproof, produced using special acrylic resins as a base , which give it extraordinary elasticity and flexibility, even at extreme low temperatures, and a total waterproofing on vertical surfaces.


Brush, roller or spray.

Modo de empleo:

Product specifically designed to protect and waterproof exterior walls which require both elastic and structured finish because of fractures or future possible fractures.
On new surfaces that are clean, dry and free from rust, grease or saltpetre of cement and concrete: Apply directly but thin down to 50% with water for the first coat. Another effective primer would be SELLACRYL JAFEP, but thinning down with water in 1:3 proportion.
On painted surface in good condition and quality: wash, sand and apply directly or with a initial thinning down to 10-15%.
On painted surface in bad condition, remove and proceed like a new surface.
- Do not apply at temperatures below 5º C.
- Do not expose the packaging to extreme temperatures.

Características técnicas:

Color White and colours to order.
Aspecto Matt
Naturaleza Acrylic
Peso específico 1,55 + 0,05 gr./cm 3 (at 23 +2ºC)
Rendimiento 2 - 4 m2/Kg (by coat depending on surface)
Diluyente Water
Secado 2 hours (approximately)