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SAHARA. Decorative coating.


Decorative velvety effect coating. It is a metallic base to which you can add our Tinturas Jafep(dyes) and you will get a sophisticated appearance finish.


Painting and decoration of new or old plaster, gypsum, etc brickwork supports that are clean and smooth and previously painted with Fondo Mate (Matt Undercoat).

Modo de empleo:

- In every case, prime with FONDO (undercoat). Apply one or two coats depending on the requirements. We can even improve the final result tinting the Fondo (undercoat) with the same Tintura( dye), using a 125mL Tintura can (dye) for 5kgs Fondo can (undercoat).
- Colour Sahara with Tinturas (dyes), using the desired shade with a 125mL dye can per 5kgs of undercoat.
- Using a stain steel trowel, spread a thin and even first coat .
- After 6 hours from the first coat application, using the same stain steel trowel, apply a second coat .
In general, we recommend:
-Do not apply at temperatures below 8 ºC.
-Do not expose the packaging to extreme temperatures.

Características técnicas:

Aspecto Velvety
Peso específico 1.25 gr./cm3
Rendimiento 14/16 m2/ per can
Diluyente Water
Secado 30 minutes approximately.