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Product with excellent penetration and fixing power. Very good adhesion, high resistance to alkalinity and quick drying.


Brush, roller.
Especially suitable for sealing building materials in poor condition and suitable for sealing paints and previous coats. For interior or exterior application.

Modo de empleo:

Remove the content of the container properly and apply as shown using a brush or roller. Avoid extreme temperatures and high levels of humidity.
Prior to application brush and scrape sand, cement or previous coats of paintwork that have not bonded well.

Características técnicas:

Aspecto Colourless or Transparent
Naturaleza Acrylic.
Peso específico 0.80 gr./cm3 (approximately).
Rendimiento Varies greatly depending on the state of the surfaces.
Diluyente Jafep Synthetic Solvent.
Secado 1 hour. Ready for painting in 24 hours.