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This is a synthetic satin enamel with great covering power, formulated using special alkydic resins and pigments containing contrasting resistance and stability to light, which gives an optimum quality finish.


Iron, Steel, Wood, Plaster, etc.
It is a high quality synthetic satin enamel, which covers the needs of the professional painter and housewife, being extremely suitable for decorating and protecting surfaces made of iron, steel, wood, plaster, etc., such as: doors, chairs, tables, windows, radiators, railings, metal structures, machinery, boats, etc.

Modo de empleo:

Remove the content of the container properly. Apply neat using a brush and roller. If applied using as spray, adjust the density by using suitable diluents. The surfaces should be clean and dry, and free from rust, dust, grease, saltpetre, damp, etc. Surfaces that contain previous coats of paintwork should be scraped and cleaned completely in order to ensure the adhesion to these previous coats. When applying to wood and plaster, the surface should be prepared beforehand using a THIXOTROPIC SEALANT.
When applying to iron and steel, the surface should be protected beforehand using ANTICORROSIVE PRIMER or ELECTROLYTIC RED LEAD. On galvanised steel and alloys, prime
beforehand using J-2 WASH PRIMER.

Características técnicas:

Color White and Black. RAL colours upon request
Aspecto Satin
Peso específico 1.50 gr./cm3
Rendimiento 12 - 14 m2/litre depending on the state of the surface
Repintado 24 hrs
Secado 3 - 4 hours