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This is a thixotropic primer/sealer formulated using special alkydic resins and pigments with a high level of resistance and fastness, which prepares surfaces for filling, sealing and covering them effectively. It is easy to apply and cover, and can be sanded thoroughly so as to obtain flat and polished surfaces.


Brush or woollen roller and spray (adjusting density).
It is an ideal sealer for priming and sealing porous wooden, plaster or gypsum surfaces. It covers and isolates stains cause by smoke, soot, etc.

Modo de empleo:

Remove the content of the container. Apply using a brush and roller in its original consistency or by diluting it with a suitable diluent (White Spirit, turpentine, etc.) by 5-10%. If applied using a spray gun you should adjust the product density to suit.
Surfaces must be clean and dry and free from rust, dust, grease, saltpetre, damp, etc.
Surfaces that contain previous coats of paintwork should be scraped and cleaned completely in order to ensure the adhesion to these previous coats.
Apply one or two layers, leaving to dry completely and sanding it as required between applications.

Características técnicas:

Color White
Aspecto Satin
Naturaleza Alkydic
Rendimiento 5 - 7 m2/kg. depending on the porosity of the surface
Diluyente Aliphatic (White Spirit)
Repintado 12 hrs
Secado 1 - 2 hours (touch dry)