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Tile Paint


Tile Satin Enamel for direct application without the need for a primer. Excellent anchorage and resistance to rubbing. Provides a ceramic finish and great color retention. Washable and has an unalterable finish.


For indoor and outdoor use. Indicated for tile painting, featuring a high lime satin finish

Modo de empleo:

Thoroughly clean the area where the enamel will be applied, using water and a non-greasy soap. Take special precaution to avoid waxes and silicones.

Cleaning of the tile joints must be carried out in depth, using a brush in order to remove any remaining dirt, grease or mold. In the case of finding mold, apply Jafep Mold Cleaner according to its instructions.

The entire cleaned surface must be thoroughly rinsed and thoroughly dried before starting the painting.


Product practically to use. It can be diluted to improve its brushability. Stir the content vigorously until it is completely homogenized.

It can be applied with a brush, roller or spray gun, always in thin layers and respecting repainting times. The application temperature, humidity and thickness and type of substrate are associated with changes in drying time and theoretical performance.

To clean the tiles: A couple of days after the application, you can take a cloth with water to clean the tiles, and after a week you could use a mild soap. It is important not to use abrasive elements to avoid scratching the surface.


WARNINGS: When used near sources of intense heat (glass ceramic, stove, etc.) it may cause yellowing.

Características técnicas:

Color Ivory, Sky, Dolphin Gray and Zen
Aspecto Satin
Naturaleza Resinas alquídicas uretanadas
Peso específico 1.10 - 1.4 Kg / L (depending on color)
Rendimiento 12 -14 m²/L/Coat
Diluyente Jafep Synthetic Solvent
Repintado 24 hours
Secado 4 - 6 hours