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Two-Components Polyurethane Enamel (Kit)


Polyurethane enamel is a finishing product made up of hydroxylated acrylic resins and an aliphatic isocyanate, the result of which is a smooth, continuous, shiny film that is resistant to the usual chemical products. It stands out for its very high gloss and color retention.


Metallic surfaces, structures, metallic carpentry (aluminum) and wooden surfaces. It is a perfect finish in anticorrosive systems on epoxy primer.

Modo de empleo:

For its use, the two components must be mixed in a 5:1 ratio by weight, preferably mechanically, failing which a perfect homogenization of the mixture will not be ensured. To achieve this proportion, the total content of component B must be poured over component A. Once the mixture has been made, it must be applied within the following 20 hours. Optimum results are obtained by spraying the product.

By brush: Due to its rapid drying, only small surfaces will be applied by this method. It can be diluted up to 5% with PU Solvent to facilitate its application.

By roller: it must be diluted with 5-10% with PU solvent.

A Pistol: it is recommended to dilute it with 10-15% of PU solvent depending on the pressure and the diameter of the nozzle.

If the complete containers are not used and in order to obtain the best results, the quantities indicated in the characteristics section will be weighed; mix ratio by weight.

Surface preparation:

The surfaces to be painted must be free of rust, dust, grease and remains of old paint. SA21/2 sandblasting is recommended.

It must be applied at temperatures above 5ºC and always above the dew point.

On porous surfaces; The surface to be painted must be sealed with a coat of the same product diluted with 20% PU solvent. It should dry 10 hours before applying the next layer(s).

In the application on ferrous surfaces; When a good resistance to corrosion is desired, it is advisable to apply two coats of EPOXY PRIMER with an interval of less than 24 hours with a minimum thickness of 50-60 microns. The application of the Polyurethane finish must be carried out within the first 24 hours after the primer in order to ensure good adhesion between layers.

On light metals; The adherence on aluminum surfaces is perfect, it should only be cleaned with an alkaline detergent or, failing that, with a normal detergent to which a small amount of ammonia will be added, then it will be rinsed with clean water.

On galvanized iron surfaces, the same cleaning will be carried out and a Wash-Primer with a layer thickness of less than 10 microns will be previously applied.


Recommended system*, **: Corrosivity category C3 (Industrial and urban environments with medium levels of pollution).

3 layers of 40 microns of 2C Anticorrosive Epoxy Primer

2 layers of 30 microns of 2C Polyurethane Enamel

ENPS (Nominal Dry Film Thickness) of 180 microns.

*Maximum strength observed 5-10 years.

**For recommendation of other systems, consult the Jafep Industry division.


Características técnicas:

Color White and on demand
Aspecto Matt, Gloss & Satin
Naturaleza Polyurethane
Peso específico 1.15 g/cm³ (depending on color)
Viscosidad 190-210 sec CF4 base P and 71-78 KU base TR, both at 23+-2ºC
Herramienta Brush, Roller, Spray Gun-Airless
Rendimiento 12-14 m²/L or 10-12 m²/Kg (30-40 microns)
Diluyente Polyurethane thinner (do not use universal solvent)
Repintado <24 hours
Secado 8 hours