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Two-Components Solvent Based Epoxy Paint (Kit)


Two-component epoxy paint for painting floors. It combines excellent mechanical properties and high hardness and has great resistance to gasoline, diesel, brake fluid and similar splashes. Formulated to be applied in a thick layer.


Application in interior areas on asphalt conglomerates, concrete pavements, cement and other common materials such as garages, warehouses, interior areas of hospitals, schools, slaughterhouses, workshops, parking lots, etc., where a high chemical resistance finish is required.

Modo de empleo:

For its use, two components must be mixed in a mixing ratio of 2.8:1 by volume, preferably mechanically, failing which perfect homogenization of the mixture will not be ensured. To achieve this proportion, the total content of component B must be poured onto component A. It is necessary to respect the useful time of use of the mixture (3 hours), since after this period the paint is unusable, appreciating a significant increase in the viscosity.

The paint is prepared ready to use, but in case of low temperatures, it may be necessary to dilute it to be able to apply the product correctly. In this case, the recommended dilutions are the following:

  • By brush: it can be diluted up to 5% with Epoxy Solvent to facilitate its application.
  • By roller: it can be diluted between 5-10% with Epoxy Solvent. The roller to be used will be made of wool or short hair thread.
  • Airless: it is recommended to dilute it with 10% Epoxy Solvent.

If the complete containers are not used and in order to obtain optimal results, the quantities indicated in the characteristics section will be weighed. It is not advisable to divide the products to make partial mixtures, since an inappropriate mixing ratio can affect the final properties of the product.

On surfaces with insufficient pores, the prior application of 2C Solvent Epoxy Primer is recommended.


Surface preparation

New floor: On concrete floors, at least 28 days should be allowed to pass so that the floor is perfectly set. The surface must be porous to proceed with the application of paint. After setting, the lime milk generated by this concrete curing process must be removed, since it closes the pore and causes loss of adhesion. Therefore, once the soil has set, a surface roughening must be carried out using a milling or shot blasting machine so that the product penetrates the surface better. If mechanical means are not available, it is recommended to treat with 5% hydrochloric acid for 15 minutes and then rinse with plenty of water until all the acid is removed. Let it dry for 5 days so that the soil is completely dry and free of moisture. The support must be clean of dust, grease and oil. Even mechanical dust extraction is recommended.

Once the surface is prepared, the 2C Solvent Epoxy Paint will be applied. However, in cases where it is considered that the pore is not open, the use of a previous anchoring layer using 2C Solvent Epoxy Primer is recommended.

Painted floor: It is advisable to remove old paint by shot blasting or mechanical stripping, a procedure followed as if it were a new floor.

If it is a surface on which the paint is in good condition and smooth, thorough sanding must be carried out in order to eliminate the shine of the old paint and thus ensure that the new paint adheres correctly.



Características técnicas:

Color White and Tinting Machine´s systems (Upon request)
Aspecto Semi Gloss
Naturaleza Epoxy Paint
Peso específico 1.25 Kg/L (depending on color)
Imprimación Two Components Solvent Epoxy Primer
Herramienta Brush, Roller, Airless, Spray Gun
Espesor mínimo 100 microns dry film per coat (180 microns wet)
Rendimiento 5-7 m²/L or 4-5,5 m²/Kg at 100 dry microns
Diluyente Epoxy Solvent
Repintado 12 hours
Secado 3-5 h at 20ºC with good ventilation
Curado 7 days