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Silicate Paints are inorganic coatings with a mineral structure. They have a high resistance to light and to deterioration due to the weather, while at the same time having high water permeability as it does not form a film and the layer is highly porous.
Due to its high level of resistance to atmospheric agents, to dirt and to fading, the painted surface retains a long-lasting unalterable appearance.


Brush, roller or spray (adjusting density).
Silicate emulsion paint is essentially used on mineral substrates although prior treatment can also be used on other types of surfaces.
The most suitable applications are therefore concrete, lime mortars, cement mortars, sand mortars, brick, fibre cement, etc., both interior and exterior.
It can also be applied to natural stone walls using a suitable fixative and on plastered surfaces also using a silicate based primer.

Modo de empleo:

Silicate based coatings cannot be mixed with any other type of paints, nor can they be applied to surfaces that are already painted with alkyd enamels or varnishes, emulsion paints, distempers, etc.
On new surfaces recommended in the previous section, the paint should be applied having been diluted by up to 10% for the first coat, however it is much better to prime the surface using a silicate primer diluted with water 1:1, leaving at least 12 hours before applying the coat of paint.
Productos JAFEP, S.L. offers a standard Silicate Sealer and an other sealer specifically for plastered surfaces.
If you wish to apply the silicate based paint to surfaces that are already painted, you should
completely remove previous coats using the appropriate chemical paint strippers such as Jafep Paint Remover or by sandblasting, etc. It should not be applied at temperatures of below 5 ºC or at excessively high temperatures.
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Due to its relatively high level of alkalinity we recommend that you protect surfaces made from aluminium, glass and ceramic.

Características técnicas:

Color White and colours to order
Aspecto Mineral matt
Naturaleza Potassium silicate and acrylic dispersion
Peso específico 1.5 g/cm3
Rendimiento Varies depending on the type of surface
Diluyente Water
Secado Touch dry in 1 hour and second coat in 12 hours