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2000 Satin


Emulsion paint for interior and exterior of high quality, stability and resistance, which provides a waterproof and durable finish with excellent whiteness and good covering power. Satin and silky final appearance. Very washable.


Quality paint, with excellent results in terms of whiteness, coverage and washability on all types of surfaces, walls and ceilings, leaving a pleasant satin and silky appearance, on smooth or rough surfaces (gotelé, pitted, scratched, etc.) and a effective outdoor protection.

Modo de empleo:


On new clean and dry surfaces, free of rust and grease from:

Cement and concrete: We check that the concrete is completely set. If it is new, wait approximately 30 days. It will be applied directly, diluting up to 25% for the first layer (as a primer).

Mortars: Eliminate possible efflorescence and possible alkalinity through appropriate treatment. It is always advisable to apply a Sellacryl type fixative.

Plaster and plaster: Fixing previously with Sellacryl JAFEP. If, in addition to being very porous, a very fragile plaster is observed, it may be advisable to apply Solvent-Fixing Primer.

Wood: Fix previously with Synthetic Sealer or Water Sealer.



With quality paints in good condition: Wash and sand gently, in order to tone down those that have a satin or shiny appearance and to facilitate pore opening and adhesion. Apply below.

With paints in poor condition: Remove, apply a Sellacryl-type fixative and proceed as if it were a new surface. If they have defects such as chalking, chipping, cracking, etc., eliminate them. If they present mold or even algae, they must be removed and completely disinfected. You can use diluted bleach (domestic) or JAFEP Mold Cleaner.

On tempera, glue or lime paints: They must be completely removed. Repair irregularities, chips and other damage with JAFEP powder or ready-to-use fillers and proceed as a new surface.

Características técnicas:

Color White
Aspecto Satin
Naturaleza Vinyl copolymers
Peso específico 1.25 gr./cm³
Herramienta Brush, roller, spray gun or airless
Rendimiento 10-15 m²/L/Coat
Diluyente Thinner for water-based paints and enamels
Repintado 7 hours
Secado 30 - 45 minutes