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Antigoteras Pinroda is a water-based liquid waterproof coating, which is extremely elastic and is based on a dispersion of acrylic copolymers in emulsion.


As a waterproof coating for horizontal surfaces: terraces, coverings and roofs.
In addition, due to its excellent flexibility, resistance to weather and internal cohesion, it is very useful in applications such as:
- Elastic waterproof putty: mixing Antigoteras Pinroda with fine aggregate in a ratio of 1:3.
- Avoid deterioration in the rigid polyurethane foam insulation (Antigoteras Pinroda white).
- Efficient heat insulation due to being an excellent solar ray reflector.

Modo de empleo:

• Surface made of concrete, fibre cement, brick, etc. Clean the entire surface carefully to avoid problems with fixing down the product. Loose sand, grease and mildew stains, etc. should be removed. On new concrete or cement you should wait until it has completely set (approximately 30 days).
Apply a first coat of the product that has been well diluted (up to 30%) and if you are dealing with surfaces in poor condition it is advisable to use a fixative such as SELLACRIL. Then continue to apply one or several coats of Antigoteras Pinroda using GLASS FIBRE if required, according to the characteristics of the application, until achieving the recommended thickness.
• Iron and steel surfaces. In addition to cleaning the base carefully, you should apply suitable primers such as: red lead or anti-corrosive primers from the JAFEP range.
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• Non-ferrous metal surfaces. Prime prior to application using suitable products such as: wash primer, phosphate primer, etc.
• Wooden surfaces. Clean and sand if required and prepare the surface prior to application with SELLADORA SINTÉTICA JAFEP (ALKYD SEALER)

Características técnicas:

Color White, black, brick red, rust red, grey and green.
Aspecto Satin
Peso específico 1,3 - 1,4 gr./cm3
Rendimiento It varies according to type and applications
Secado 1 hour approximately