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Aqua Acrylic Varnish


Water-based varnish for use mainly on wood outdoors, although it can also be applied indoors. Protects and decorates in extreme conditions and environments. Contains filter additives that protect from UV rays.


Varnishing of doors, windows and in general, any type of  exterior woods

Modo de empleo:


Clean, sand thoroughly and remove dust. It is advisable to apply a first coat of Water-Based Penetrating Primer for Wood. Apply one or more unthinned coats as a finish, sanding between coats. Important: In tropical woods such as chestnut, oak, etc. which are rich in tannins, it is advisable to clean them beforehand with a cloth soaked in non-greasy solvents such as acetone; on the other hand, resinous woods such as pine must be cleaned with greasy solvents such as white spirit.


Sand gently and clean. Apply one or two coats undiluted. If it is in very bad condition, the existing varnish will be removed and proceed as new wood.

Características técnicas:

Color Colorless, Oak, Mahogany, Pine, Teak and Walnut. And in the multicolor system all Coltec-Wood colors
Aspecto Gloss (colors and colorless) and Satin (colorless)
Naturaleza Acrylic Dispersion
Herramienta Brush, Spray or Airless
Rendimiento For Gloss: 12-14 m²/L/Coat; For Satin: 8 - 12 m²/L/Coat
Diluyente Thinner for water-based paints and enamels
Repintado 3 hours
Secado 30 - 45 minutes (aprox.)