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Matt Pinroda Acrylic Paint


Plastic paint for interiors of great whiteness and good coverage with an unbeatable quality/price ratio.


Brush, roller or spray gun (adjusting viscosity).

Economic paint for interiors, suitable for painting ceilings, with good performance, whiteness and coverage.

Modo de empleo:

On all types of very clean, degreased and dry surfaces:

  • New Surfaces: Apply directly, diluting up to 25% for the first layer.
  • Old surfaces with paint in good condition: Wash and sand beforehand.
  • Old surfaces with paint in poor condition: Scrape and proceed as a new surface.
  • On tempera, glue or lime paints, even sanded: First apply a fixing primer or Sellacril JAFEP.

In general it is recommended:

  • Do not apply at temperatures below 5º C.
  • Do not expose the containers to extreme temperatures.

Practical (actual) coverage will depend on film thickness, nature of substrate and method of application.

Características técnicas:

Color White
Aspecto Matt
Naturaleza Acrylic Copolimers
Peso específico 1.70 gr./cm³ approximately
Herramienta Brush, Roller, Gun or Airless
Rendimiento 6 - 9 m²/L/Coat
Diluyente Water
Repintado 6 - 7 hours
Secado 30 minutes