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SATE Beyem – Jafep Classic Grafito


SATE BEYEM - JAFEP CLASSIC GRAFITO is an external thermal insulation composite system for facades based in the use of expanded polystyrene EPS graphite stabilised as an insulating material and based in the use as a termination of a semi-elastic and anti-cracking high performance acrylic coating mortar in various size grains and colors.


The Beyem-Jafep system is intended to be used an external thermal insulation for building walls. The walls may be made of masonry (bricks, blocks) or concrete (cast on site or as prefabricated panels) having an A1 to A2-s2, d0 reaction to fire classification, according to the UNE-EN 13501-1 or A1 Standard according to the Decision 96/603/EC. The system is designed to give the wall to which it is applied to satisfactory thermal insulation. The Beyem-Jafep system is made up of nonbearing construction elements and contributes to the durability of the substrate by providing protection from, the effects of natural agents. This system can be used on vertical walls, both in new construction as well as refurbishment (retrofit) works and it can be similarly used on horizontal or inclined surfaces which are not exposed to rainwater.

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