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Matt paint with excellent whiteness and coverage. Washable and resistant.
Particularly suitable for interior use, but with good performance in exterior use as well
thanks to its outstanding resistance and stability.


Brush, roller, spray or airless (adjust viscosity).
Paint with high balance properties for a good performance on interior surfaces, walls and
ceilings , with easy application and quick touch dry. It can be applied on exterior
surfaces like a facade protector in non-extreme conditions.

Modo de empleo:

On surfaces that are clean, dry and free from corrosion, grease or saltpetre:
- Cement and concrete: Directly, thinning down the first coat 15% with water.
- Gypsum, plaster or wood: Prime previously with Selladora Sintética (Alkyd Sealer) or
with Sellacryl JAFEP.
On painted surfaces:
- On good conditions and high quality paint: wash and sand softly and next, apply it.
- On bad conditions paint: remove it and proceed like a non-painted surface.
- On distempers, PVA and lime paints: Apply a primer or Sellacryl JAFEP.
General recommendations:
- Do not apply at temperatures below 5º C.
- Do not expose the packaging to extreme temperatures.

Características técnicas:

Color White
Aspecto Matt
Naturaleza Acrylic copolymers
Peso específico 1,55 gr./cm3
Rendimiento From 5 to 6 m2/Kg. (depending on surfaces)
Diluyente Water
Repintado From 2 - 4 hours
Secado 30 minutes approx